Gallery of channel maps

by Ian Czekala

This is a video gallery of eight representative transitions (columns) observed in the five MAPS disks (rows). Each disk has been rotated and velocity-dilated to synchronize with the others. Note the hyperfine satellite lines visible for HCN 3-2 and C2H 3-2. The complex, diffuse structures seen in 12CO 2-1 towards GM Aur are discussed in MAPS XIX.


Channel maps of 12CO

by Richard Teague

These two movies show channel maps of the 12CO J=2-1 emission towards HD 163296 and MWC 480. The butterfly pattern is typical for rotating disks. For HD 163296, we can clearly distinguish the front and back sides of the disk in the channels at ~4 km/s and ~7 km/s, with the bright arms showing the front side of the disk, and the dimmer arms the back side. HD 163296 also shows very extended CO emission from the galactic center in the channels around ~13 km/s.


Dust continuum in Bands 3 and 6

by Anibal Sierra

This animation shows the observed dust grain emission of the MAPS disks at ALMA Bands 3 and 6. These data are analyzed in detail in MAPS XIV.


Emission from large organic molecules

by John D. Ilee

This three-color image shows the extent of the emission from the large organic molecules HC3N, CH3CN, and c-C3H2 (red, green, and blue, respectively) compared with the 220 GHz dust continuum emission toward four of the MAPS targets. See MAPS IX for further information.


Gallery of zeroth moment maps

by Charles J. Law

Emission from 18 different molecular lines, with each row representing the disks around IM Lup, GM Aur, AS 209, HD 163296, and MWC 480 (ordered from top to bottom). The diversity in emission intensity, extent, and structure observed both within and across the disks is striking. See MAPS III for more information.